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How does the US Government affect the EB-5 program?

As of today, the US Government is still in partial shutdown after 18 days, with President Trump addressing the US nation from the Oval Office on Tuesday evening. He stopped short of declaring an emergency that would have enabled him to by-pass the house of Congress, but he has escalated the rows with Democratic leaders […]

Citizenship applications to Turkey expected to boom in 2019

Since launching its Citizenship by Investment programme in 2017, Turkey has received over 250 applications worth nearly $100 million by the end of 2018. This number is expected to rise significantly during 2019 after the Turkish Government reduced its minimum investment requirements for foreigners in September 2018. To qualify for Turkish citizenship for themselves and […]

City Focus: Ahmedabad

Situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad has developed into one of the most important economic and industrial hubs within India. It is the largest city in Gujarat State with an urban population of 6,357,693 at the 2011 Census, making it the 7th most populous city in India. The city was the former […]

Further changes to the Cyprus CBI programme?

The Cypriot Citizenship by Investment programme – more commonly known as its ‘golden passport’ programme – has come under attack from certain international quarters in recent times, with the European Union promising tougher scrutiny from Brussels as part of a wider drive against money laundering practices.   Cyprus lowered its minimum investment requirement to €2 […]