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Country Spotlight: CYPRUS

              QUICK FACTS Full name: Republic of Cyprus Capital city: Nicosia Population: 1,179,551 (1 January 2018) GDP in Current Prices: USD $23.96 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 4.0% (2018) Area: 9,253 km² Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic President: Nicos Anastasiades President of Parliament: Demetris Syllouris Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) […]

Country Spotlight: GREECE

          QUICK FACTS Full name: Hellenic Republic Capital city: Athens Population: 10,741,165 (1 January 2018) GDP in Current prices: USD $218.06 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 2.0% (2018) Area: 131,957 km² Government: Unitary parliamentary republic President: Prokopis Pavlopoulos Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) HDI: 31st (2018) Ease of doing […]

Election Concerns Fuel Continuing Rise of South African Emigration

If we have a look at the number of internet searches made in South Africa, the word ‘emigration’ is rising to the top. Furthermore, a lot of law firms and attorneys have been reporting a surge in enquiries in relation to emigration, especially as the 2019 South African election is fast approaching. The political uncertainties […]

Country Spotlight: IRELAND

        QUICK FACTS Capital city: Dublin Population: 4,857,000 (April 2018) GDP in Current prices: USD $376.10 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 6.7% (2018) – Fastest growth in EU Area: 70,273 km² Government: Unitary parliamentary republic President: Michael D. Higgins Prime Minister: Leo Varadkar Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) HDI: 4th (2018) Ease of doing business index: 23rd (2018/19) Time Zones: GMT +0 Dialling code: 353   Ireland – […]