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            QUICK FACTS Full name: Republic of Moldova Capital city: Chisinau Population: 3,547,539 (1 January 2018) GDP in Current Prices: USD $9.56 billion (2017) GDP real growth: 4.5% (2017) Area: 32,870 km² (including Transnistria) Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic President: Igor Dodon Prime Minister: Pavel Filip Currency: Moldovan Leu (MDL) […]


            QUICK FACTS Capital city: St. George’s Population: 107,825 (2017) GDP in Current prices: USD $1.12 billion (2017) GDP growth: 5.1% (2017) Area: 340 km² Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II Governor-General: Cecile La Grenade Prime Minister: Keith Mitchell Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD) HDI: 75th (2018) […]


          QUICK FACTS Capital city:Podgorica Population:622,359 (1 January 2018) GDP in Current Prices:USD $4.78 billion (2017) GDP real growth:4.3% (2017) Area:13,812 km²(land 13,452 km²) Government:Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic President:Milo Dukanovic Prime Minister:Dusko Markovic Currency:Euro (€) (EUR) HDI:50th(2018) Ease of doing business index:50th (2018/19) Time Zone: GMT + 1 Dialling code:382 Montenegro […]


          QUICK FACTS Full name: Portuguese Republic Capital city:Lisbon Population:10,291,027 (2017) GDP in Current Prices:USD $218.0 billion (2017) GDP real growth:2.7% (2017) Area:92,212 km² Government: Unitary Semi-presidential constitutional republic President:Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Prime Minister:Antonio Costa Currency:Euro (€) (EUR) HDI:42nd (2018) Ease of doing business index:34th (2018/19) Time Zone: GMT + […]