Preparing for the Greek Citizenship 2020

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Following the announcement of the Greek citizenship-by-investment programme (GCBI) that will be coming out in the first quarter of 2020, there are certain potential requirements that will come in place for real estate investment. The eligibility requirements are temporarily reported … Continued


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IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR EMPLOYERS REGARDING LEGAL RIGHT TO WORK DOCUMENTS Since 20 May 2019, migrants from the following countries have been eligible to use automated ePassport gates (“e-gates”) to enter the UK where they hold a valid UK entry clearance … Continued

City Focus: Bengaluru

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Bengaluru quick facts State: Karnataka Area (City): 709 km² Area (Metropolitan): 8,005 km² Location: 12.59°N, 77.35°E Altitude: 920 metres Average high °C: Apr 34°, Nov 27° Population: 13.958 million (2019 estimate) Languages: Kannada (official), Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, English Religion: Hindu (79%), Muslim (14%) Main industries: IT, Biotechnology, Electronics … Continued

Moldova Suspends its MCBI Programme

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The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has today (18th July 2019) announced in a local press conference that the new government has ‘temporarily’ suspended its Citizenship by Investment (MCBI) programme pending a review. The programme only launched in November 2018 … Continued