IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR EMPLOYERS REGARDING LEGAL RIGHT TO WORK DOCUMENTS Since 20 May 2019, migrants from the following countries have been eligible to use automated ePassport gates (“e-gates”) to enter the UK where they hold a valid UK entry clearance (visa): Australia Canada Japan New Zealand Singapore South Korea United States of America Expanding the […]

Migration Advisory Committee to Review Points Based System

The new Prime Minister will commission a further review of the Points Based System. In his first statement to Parliament today, the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that he will ask the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to undertake a review of the Points Based System (PBS). Mr Johnson has for many years advocated the […]

Post-Brexit Mobility of Talent and Capital

There are two reasons for optimism in respect of future international mobility of talent and capital. Firstly, Theresa May was committed to a restrictive immigration regime, both as Home Secretary and Prime Minister, with a clear focus on reducing net migration to the UK regardless of the impact on business. Many of the restrictions she […]

Is Britain open for business?

Over the last few years the United Kingdom has been engulfed in political uncertainty; the 2017 election produced a hung parliament and the House of Commons rejected the Withdrawal Agreement from the EU three times and in spectacular fashion. As we enter a new phase of political leadership, and with 31 October presenting itself as […]

Breaking The Deadlock – New Innovator and Start-Up Scheme

      At the end of March 2019, the Government presented a Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules (House of Commons paper 1919) which, inter alia, introduced two new routes of entry to the UK for foreign nationals wishing to establish new businesses in the UK: Start-Up and Innovator. Introduced under a new […]

Pacesetters: how the Caribbean is creating opportunity out of adversity

Author: Micha Emmett Amid one of the most challenging hurricane seasons the world has ever faced, hurricanes Maria and Irma also created distinct ripples through the citizenship by investment industry, causing many countries to re-evaluate their approach and accordingly adjust to the new needs of their respective communities. The Commonwealth of Dominica, and the Federation […]