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Selecting A Tech Company For Investment Immigration

How do you select a tech company to invest in for your immigration by investment? Selecting a good investment is important for a couple of reasons – 1) ensure the safety and return of your capital along with a return on investment and; 2) achieve your immigration target. All investment options that are showcased usually […]

Golden Visa – Residence permit for Activity Investment (ARI)

What is the Residence Permit program for Activity Investment? It is a legal program that allows citizens who are third-country nationals to obtain authorised temporary residence for investment activity with the residence visa waiver. What are the advantages? (a) Enter Portugal without a residence permit; (b) Reside and work in Portugal, with a minimum stay […]

Preparing for the Greek Citizenship 2020

Following the announcement of the Greek citizenship-by-investment programme (GCBI) that will be coming out in the first quarter of 2020, there are certain potential requirements that will come in place for real estate investment. The eligibility requirements are temporarily reported to be as below: The real estate investment amount will be a minimum of €2million […]