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Shortage Occupation List to include Architects, Veterinarians and Web Designers

The Shortage Occupation list changes on 6 October to include web design and development professionals, veterinarians and architects. Jobs on the shortage occupation list score additional points in the visa application process, to give the professions priorities over other applications. This will facilitate application, for work related visas for members of the professions, who have […]

EB5 – Technology vs Real Estate Investments

Recently some emerging technology companies have turned to EB5 capital raise to execute their growth strategy. Many investors do not realize that technology companies are offering a much better job creation opportunity and has a much higher overall value return potential. Technology traditionally has been a powerful business enabler. However Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Immersive […]

Why You Should Consider PropMix for Your EB-5 Investment

PropMix builds automation solutions for the real estate industry using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and AR/VR applied to millions of records of real estate data that they have been gathering over the past 4 years. PropMix is building the future of real estate technology – PropTech 3.0, that will transform the […]