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Migration Advisory Committee to Review Points Based System

The new Prime Minister will commission a further review of the Points Based System. In his first statement to Parliament today, the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that he will ask the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to undertake a review of the Points Based System (PBS). Mr Johnson has for many years advocated the […]

Moldova Suspends its MCBI Programme

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has today (18th July 2019) announced in a local press conference that the new government has ‘temporarily’ suspended its Citizenship by Investment (MCBI) programme pending a review. The programme only launched in November 2018 and the successful completion of the first application from the first 30 received was announced […]

New Investment Opportunity in Egypt

Parliament in Egypt had approved a bill that amended their law to introduce the grant of Egyptian Nationality to foreign investors for the price of 7 million Lei (approx. US$420,000) in September 2018. In early July 2019, the government had put forward amendments to the law in relation to obtaining Egyptian Nationality through investment. The […]

Post-Brexit Mobility of Talent and Capital

There are two reasons for optimism in respect of future international mobility of talent and capital. Firstly, Theresa May was committed to a restrictive immigration regime, both as Home Secretary and Prime Minister, with a clear focus on reducing net migration to the UK regardless of the impact on business. Many of the restrictions she […]