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Country Spotlight: TURKEY

QUICK FACTS Full name: Republic of Turkey Capital city: Ankara Population: 82,003,882 (2018) GDP in Current prices: USD $713.51 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 2.6% (2018) Area: 783,356 km² Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic President: Recep Tayyip Erdogan Vice President: Fuat Oktay Currency: Turkish Lira (₺) (TRY) HDI: 64th (2018) Ease of doing business index: […]

PRE – EVENT PRESS RELEASE – Demand for Alternate Residency and Citizenship Increases in South Africa

                      Diversification of both business and personal affairs through multiple residences can deliver increased quality of life, mobility, security, educational options, and improved tax and estate planning capabilities. EVENT: Global Investment Immigration Summit 2019 (GIIS) GIIS JOHANNESBURG DATE: 21 June 2019 TIME: Registration 12.00   Conference 14.00-20.00 […]

Canada’s Provincial Business Immigration Programs

Although the National program was closed down a few years ago, many of the provinces have signed agreements with the federal government to develop their own business immigration programmes. These are predominantly targeting graduate entrepreneurs and SME businesses and skilled workers, as well as experienced young farmers in some provinces including British Columbia and Manitoba. […]

Country Spotlight: Canada

QUICK FACTS Capital city: Ottawa Population: 37,314,442 (1 January 2019) GDP in Current prices: USD $1,733.7 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 1.8% (2018) Area: 9,984,670 km² (land 9,093,507 km²) Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II Governor-General: Julie Payette Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD) HDI: 12th (2018) Ease of doing […]