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Citizenship by Investment – Why Turkey?

With a plethora of countries offering investment opportunities through their CBI program, many would wonder, why should I invest in this country? Turkey formally introduced the Citizenship by Investment program in January 2017 and it was opened to investors in June 2017 to attract HNWIs to invest in their real estates. The program was seen […]

Changes to Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government had been planning for changes to their citizenship law and they published a draft Bill of the proposed changes on 22 March 2019. The draft Bill will focus solely at citizenship rather than permanent residency. However, the draft may have significant changes to it before being finalised, or it could potentially be […]

Country Spotlight: UNITED KINGDOM

          QUICK FACTS Full name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Capital city: London Population: 66,040,229 (30 June 2017) GDP in Current prices: USD $2,808.90 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 1.4% (2018) Area: 242,495 km² Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister: Theresa May Currency: […]

Country Spotlight: AUSTRIA

          QUICK FACTS Full name: Republic of Austria Capital city: Vienna Population: 8,857,960 (2018) GDP in Current prices: USD $459.40 billion (2018) GDP real growth: 2.8% (2018) Area: 83,871 km² Government: Federal parliamentary republic President: Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen Chancellor: Sebastian Kurz Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) HDI: 20th (2018) Ease […]