The importance of holding a European residence permit card: backup plan solution for you and your family!

(Wednesday, 14th November 2018)

Tiago Camara


Global residency and citizenship, are an increasingly important aspect of private and professional life of this new trend of global citizens. Diversification of both business and personal affairs through multiple residences or citizenships can deliver an increased quality of life, mobility, security, educational options, and improved tax and estate planning capabilities. For individuals, having the flexibility of choosing where to live, providing a better quality of life for their families, access to better education, and a safe haven in times of political instability is one of the main reasons to consider this type of solution. Other reasons for investors to decide on getting global residency and citizenship: tax optimisation, more privacy by avoiding the bank systems that are reporting and providing personal info from their investors, avoiding countries with political instability, often with civil wars and terrorism; and the opportunity for entrepreneurs and their families to move freely within several countries for business.

The typical investor profile, looking for suitable solutions on residence permits and citizenship, is a wealthy individual who is an expat or business owner, currently living in the Middle East, Asia or Africa. These investors are able to secure the future of their next generations normally through a real estate investment in countries that provides them with Golden Cards or even passports. By having a residence permit in a European country like Portugal investors and their families are free to live, work and travel within the Schengen area without relocation. The Portuguese Golden Visa Program has been awarded as the best Residency Program Globally, by the Global Residence Program Index (GRPI), aimed at attracting overseas investment to Portugal. The Golden Visa is very straightforward, simple and with clear legal rules. So far, 97% of the candidates for the Golden Visa programme are applying through investment in Portuguese real estate, primarily due to the great returns investors are getting on the properties in Portugal. Low supply and high demand are generating capital gains for real estate investors up to 12% every year, especially in the major cities (Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve).


To apply for the Portuguese Residence Permit Cards, through real estate investment, foreign nationals, either personally or through a company, are required to make an investment that conforms to one of the following conditions: investment in real estate with a value of at least €500,000; or real estate with more than 30 years construction time with a value of at least €350,000.


Besides real estate investments, investors are now able to apply for Residence Permit Cards by investing in shares of an investment fund. Since September 2018, investors are now able to invest €350,000 in a Golden Visa qualified investment fund which is fully regulated by the Portuguese Stock Exchange Market and audited by legalised third party companies. This option comes free of taxes and is focused on the bottom line investment, creating a very fast and interesting solution, focusing on high returns on investments.

PTGoldenVisa developed in a close collaboration with one of the most experienced Portuguese fund managers in Portugal, is the implementation of the first fund qualified for Golden Visa – the SIF INVESTMENT FUND. The Fund is sustained by two major criteria and we fully share 100% of the strategy vision – investing in real estate which is easy to resell, and investing in real estate which is easy to rent out. This investment fund was developed to take a safe approach to the market without any leverage. The term of the investment is seven years, custom-designed to optimise the Golden Visa requirements and it is expected to generate over 6% return per year.

Our team of has more than ten years of experience in the citizenship industry and provides an integrated service to investors interested in applying for the Golden Visa Residence Permit Cards, starting with their family analysis, advising on the best real estate investments, legal support and property management.

Our team is ready to deliver! We provide investors with the peace of mind their family needs. 

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