Breaking the Caribbean and CBI investment mould

Ora Caribbean – Investment redefined
Grenada’s citizenship by investment programme (like most others) is intended to create revenue for the government for infrastructure and other public projects. It also assists developers with an alternative means of financing construction of hospitality product in a part of the world where more traditional means of financing are somewhere between very difficult and impossible to obtain.
When Naguib Sawaris discovered and fell in love with Grenada he immediately purchased land and set about creating Silversands Resort, which today is Grenada’s top luxury property.
Ora Caribbean, which is the development arm for Mr Sawaris in Grenada has a five year, 500 hotel room development plan and when asked by government to include the development as part of the country’s CBI programme, Mr Sawaris was determined to create a product that not only served the country and the development of his properties but also the investor looking to attain a second citizenship.
Ora Caribbean’s investment model is the most transparent, simple and equitable in the Caribbean, if not the industry as a whole. It is predicated on using the investor’s funds as a short term construction loan, which is repaid in full at the end of the term. Ora are using these funds strictly as an alternative to traditional construction financing.
What makes this so unique is that it is backed by a company that has already proven itself in the Caribbean hospitality sector, has proven itself in the international hospitality residential and commercial development sector, through its parent company Ora Developers (WWW.ORADEVELOPERS.COM) and that it is backed by one of the world’s most successful, iconic and affluent businessmen with an exemplary reputation – a legacy he wishes to continue.