Montenegro’s wait has finally struck an end

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Official applications were submitted announcing Montenegro’s new citizenship by investment program, which is open for applications from Oct 3, 2019. The programme was last mentioned over two years ago to take place from 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2021.

Many are confident that not only is this an extraordinary opportunity for both the Montenegrin people and for high-net-worth investors across the world, but also this new programme will reach all standards.

Many have noticed that the program has already attracted a great deal of attention ahead of its launch and they expect the programme to be in high demands.

Although the program took some time before starting to accept applications, they are confident that the process has become seamless, and they look forward to working with the Government of Montenegro for years to come as their beautiful nation begins to welcome new opportunities and investments.

Montenegro has been chosen for the CIP programme as it is a rare, one time opportunity for citizenship and they have the cheapest property prices in Europe and not forgetting it is a beautiful country, which receives one million visitor arrivals. Montenegro is also a possible future candidate for EU membership and will potentially join the Schengen area by 2025.

The Montenegro special citizenship by investment program requires investments in economic activity that can contribute to the economic development of Montenegro. The programme offers instant Montenegro citizenship and passport within three months (if there are no issues with the application),

The main requirement for the investment amount is in Real Estate –With either €350,000 in Podgorica, €250,000 outside of Podgorica and €100,000 additional donation to development funds. There are many other options for direct investment in the following areas: hotel and resorts, agriculture, wood processing and fisheries. However, these options will require investments over €2,000,000.

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