Election Concerns Fuel Continuing Rise of South African Emigration

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If we have a look at the number of internet searches made in South Africa, the word ‘emigration’ is rising to the top. Furthermore, a lot of law firms and attorneys have been reporting a surge in enquiries in relation to emigration, especially as the 2019 South African election is fast approaching. The political uncertainties are causing unrest within the South Africans, pushing many of them to seek out a more secure future overseas.

Several immigration lawyers and consultants such as KPMG, said that the rise in enquiries for visas abroad has increased tremendously especially over the last couple of weeks with one firm reporting that the amount of enquiries had quadrupled during that time.

Many South Africans have warmed to the idea of global citizenship and seeking overseas residency to help them preserve their assets and secure their families’ futures with a second passport living abroad. A significant number of South Africans are growing in preference to an alternative citizenship, so they still have their South African passport rather than relocating or immigrating fully.

The current emigration situation is a result of the poor social, economic and political aspects in the country that have been deteriorating over time. This goes from rising fuel prices and high unemployment to preserving assets and safety at home. Since 2006, more than 100,000 South Africans have emigrated, with over 25,000 moving abroad in 2015 alone. Research published last month by FNB Estate Agents found that the number of house sales going through because of emigration has doubled in the past two years, with emigration-sales accounting for 14.2% of all sales and 18.1% of sales by HNWIs in Q1 2019.

Even with the pressure of improvement on the South African government, the probability of reform still seems minimal. The economic and political crisis is not shedding any light of hope, adding further impetus for those South Africans seeking to broaden their horizons into safer environments.

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