Thinking of starting a business in the US?

In the event that you are thinking about beginning a business in the United States and moving State-side to set up it, there are a few visa alternatives to consider. The correct decision for you will depend on your current circumstances.

On the off-chance that you have already set up business outside of the US, which has been trading for over a year and utilises at least four individuals, the L-1 visa is something you ought to consider. Talk to our L-1A experts by emailing

In the event that your business has been trading for under a year or has less than four representatives, you ought to consider the E-2 visa clarified beneath.

If you don’t have a business outside of the US but are keen on moving there to begin a business, you ought to consider the E-2 visa.

The E-2 Visa route

Under the E-2 visa an open door exists for you to move to the USA on the premise that you will put a considerable investment into your own business there.

E2 visas are valid for a period of two to five years depending on the country of application, and can be renewed with two-year extensions as long as you maintain the necessary qualifications. As it stands, there are no limits on the number of extensions you can take.

The business ought to have present or future ability to financially support an E-2 visa holder and their close family and add to the US economy.

The E-2 visa doesn’t give the right for perpetual residency, and when the business is closed the visa holder must return home.

What are the key requirements?

A candidate must be a citizen of a nation with which the United States has normal business relationship.

E-2 visa applications require a point by point and thorough field-tested strategy.

An effective visa candidate must be acting under an administrative or leader limit while undertaking their business in the USA.

A candidate should have more likely than not contributed, or be currently putting a lot of capital into an existent and working US endeavour, and be entering the US dependent on these terms.

Length of stay

The E-2 Visa lasts for between two to five years. After this period, the business will be inspected and if the stipulations of the visa rules are being met, the status can be extended.

How we can help you with an E-2 Visa

Starting or expanding a business in the US in this current climate can be challenging and complex. There are new guidelines to conform to, and decisions to make as far as office location, recruiting staff, sourcing suppliers and satisfying clients. If you want the correct information on processing and renewal, email us now at

We have leading specialists that can assist you with starting the process from E-2 Visa to receiving a Green Card.