Antigua and Barbuda are deciding to change their Citizenship by Investment Program in a bid to get more applications and in turn have an increase in revenue.

Dominica is known for having a much simpler Citizenship by Investment program than other countries. This is now changing.

The Turkish CBI program has been increasingly gaining momentum in popularity over time with Turkey now being the newest craze for investors looking to quickly gain citizenship.

The Singapore Government is expanding its Global Visa Scheme in order to gain more investors. This change will be coming into effect from 1st March 2020.

On 27 January 2020, Boris Johnson’s Government announced plans to introduce the new ‘Global Talent visa’, which came into effect from January 2021.

To coincide with Grenada’s 46th Anniversary of Independence, the construction of Six Senses 100-room luxury hotel; located on Grenada’s La Sagesse beach was announced on February 7th and it is anticipated to be complete by November 2022.

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