BLS Media magazines are available in the IRAQ CONFERENCE FOR TRADE AND INVESTMENT (ICTI) LONDON on the 3rd and the 4th of July 2017

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On the 3rd of July, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the UK, in partnership with the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, launched the first of the IRAQ CONFERENCE FOR TRADE AND INVESTMENT (ICTI).

The two day exclusive event is the first multi-sector, macroeconomic conference on this key country which will explore how businesses can benefit from the emerging economic synergies and the development of stronger ties between the UK and Iraq.

This conference will facilitate face-to-face discussions with key decision makers, Iraqi ministers and delegations ready to share their vision and the opportunities that exist in the Iraq market across all the major sectors.

The magazines of BLS Media, partner to the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, are featured in the conference.

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