Revamping the CBI website

Being in the heart of spring, we are giving the CBI website a spring clean.

Following the success of our recent Global Investment Immigration Summits in India, we have updated the Events section to give news, views and reviews from the previous summit in Ahmedabad and to preview the next two events in Johannesburg, South Africa and Bengaluru, India.

The Spring 2019 issue of our Citizenship by Investment magazine had been due for publication in March 2019; however with the US government shutting down the EB-5 programme in December 2018, this had prompted a delay in the publishing of the magazine. With the EB-5 programme being reopened to investors after the US federal budget was passed on 15 February 2019, we are able to provide up-dated information for our readers in regards to the programme.

Further, with the uncertainties over Brexit, originally planned for 29 March 2019, an additional delay was caused to the release of our magazine. The UK is now supposed to be leaving on 12 April 2019; however it is now likely we will see another postponement, leaving Brexit still looming over our heads.

Nevertheless, the magazine should still be released shortly after Easter and will include all-new country spotlights as well as news updates on countries that have residency and citizenship by investment programs. The Country Spotlights on our website have now been updated with some new countries added, including Moldova, Montenegro and Vanuatu, thereby creating an information hub that you can rely upon.

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