The E-2 Visa may soon open for Israeli Investors

There have been several years of discussion in regards to the E-2 investor visa opportunity for Israelis who wish to invest in the US. A path for the implementation of the program had even been opened through a treaty signed by Barack Obama in 2012. However, Israel did not have a similar program that would give the US the same prospects, hence prolonging the process to make the E-2 visa available.

In June 2018, Israel finally introduced their B-5 program allowing US entrepreneurs the option of investing in Israel, to build their own businesses.

The US Embassy, at the end of March 2019, announced that as of 1 May 2019 the E-2 visa will be made available to Israeli citizens; however they have made it clear that even though this has been accepted through their negotiations, there is still no official agreement yet.

So, from 1 May 2019, Israelis will be eligible to apply for a work permit in the US; to qualify they will have to make an investment. Although there is no specific amount quoted, the Embassy said that it has to be a ‘substantial amount of capital’, which would also depend on the nature of the business.

The investors will have the option to be able to establish their own business or purchase an existing business; however they are granted this with the condition that they have to employ American citizens as workers.

Although there is no official agreement yet, this negotiation has come a long way from where it started seven years ago.

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