Singapore’s Global Investment Program Amendments

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The Singapore Government is expanding its Global Visa Scheme in order to gain more investors. This change will be coming into effect from 1st March 2020.

The Golden Visa Scheme or Global Investor Program offers permanent resident to foreign investors who invest at least (USD1.8m)

Previously, investors were limited to only invest in GIP funds and businesses. However, under the new GIP rules, investors are now also able to apply for golden visas in:

  • Established Business Owners
  • Family Office Principles
  • Next Generation Business Owners
  • Founder of Fat Growth Companies

Singapore remains the richest and most thriving country in the world, making it perfect for investors that are looking to join this prosperous country. Furthermore, Singapore has a strong passport, a world renowned education system and superb healthcare resulting in high standards of living. It is no secret why Singapore is ranked 1st as most competitive economy in the world, and 2nd in globally for the ease of doing business.

It is important to note that business applicants are urged to have experience, track record for business success and turnover of at least $200 million+.

If and once your GIP application is approved, Approval-in-Principle will be issued for permanent residence status by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, which will be valid for 6 months. Your investment will have to be done within the 6-month period of your permanent residency status. Your Permanent Residence status will have to be formalized in Singapore within 12 months from the final approval letter date.




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