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Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. is a results-driven local agent for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. Through a carefully curated multi-touch system, the company trains its partners about Grenada’s programme, assists clients with compiling and accurately completing required forms and documents; monitors and troubleshoots application challenges with the Citizenship Unit; and advocates for process improvements with key industry stakeholders, such as the Escrow Bank and the Ministry of Home Affairs. This fluid approach to supporting client applications and managing expectations has earned the company an approval rate of 95% and has helped several individuals gain greater global access by becoming citizens of Grenada.


The Grenada Citizenship Programme has become increasingly popular for investors, partly due to the E2 visa. What would you say differentiates Grenada from the other countries which provide the E-2 Visa? 

Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a CBI programme that has a commercial treaty with the United States. Unlike other countries with this E2 agreement, Grenada’s golden passport provides access to over 148 destinations, including China, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, the UK and Schengen states. It has the only programme that allows unmarried, childless siblings of the main applicant who are over 18 years and parents/grandparents of any age to be included on an application. Additionally, there is no interview process, residency or travel requirement to Grenada; and the grant of Citizenship remains for life and can be inherited by future generations. 

What other services does Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. provide for investors seeking to migrate to Grenada? 

We provide guidance on the incorporation of companies, registration of business names, assist with citizenship through the constitutional process, the purchase or sale of real estate, tax registration for newly incorporated companies, and opening of bank accounts. 

What investment options are available to investors and what are the benefits of each route? 

There are essentially three ways an individual can become a citizen of Grenada through the CBI Programme. This includes a donation to the Government’s National Transformation Fund, an investment in a Government Approved Project (at 350K or 220K) and a Significant Investment. 

The National Transformation Fund

Grenada has established a National Transformation Fund which finances capital investments within the Tri-island state. To become a citizen, an individual is required to contribute $150K or 200K for a family of four (4) plus fees and disbursements. This contribution is a non-recoverable expense and is paid in full following an official approval notice from the Government. 

Approved Project

Grenada affords individuals the potential to invest in Government Approved Projects. These projects include real estate such as five-star resorts and condominium facilities that either offer an investment in freehold property (single ownership) or in fractional freehold (shared ownership). Investors are able to recover a significant return on their investment including a share of room revenue and/or guaranteed buy backs. 

Significant Investment

The third path is based on a “significant investment” as determined by the Minister, this includes inter alia, the purchase of real estate, the purchase of a registered business, the purchase of shares in a company or consortium of companies, or  any other investment as may be determined by the Minister from time to time. The minimum investment sum is USD $2 million. 

Please explain in detail the road map you provide to investors from inception all the way through to completion of their application. 

A partnership agreement is established either with the client or his/her representative and an application kit is shared, inclusive of the official checklist of documents, the guidelines for completion, together with a statement of fees 

Within 48 hours of receiving the digital file, an official audit of the file is returned to the representative stating the application’s readiness for submission. Once the digital application is cleared for submission, the file is submitted to the Bank. Upon clearance by the bank for funds transfer, a request is made for the original file to be couriered to our office. 

Upon receipt of the file and payment of all required fees, the application is prepared and submitted to the CBI Unit. An official application receipt from the CBI Unit is shared with the client. 

If a client’s application is approved, the company submits the approval notice and requests the balance of all outstanding payments to be made in the required 30-day period, and the executed Oath of Allegiance. Once in place, the company submits to the Unit for processing of the Certificates of Registration.

On receipt of the Certificates, the company submits the passport applications to the immigration department and arranges for courier delivery to the client or his/her representative after issuance of same.


Leslie-Ann Seon


Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. 


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