Citizenship By Investment Your World Passport

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Could you give a brief overview of Chambersfield Economides Kranos, with reference to its core business services? Chambersfield Economides Kranos is an international law firm, with physical presence in more than 9 countries that undertakes a comprehensive range of complex … Continued

BLS Media Ltd – IIUSA Banquet Series in Mumbai

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The IIUSA Banquet Series is designed to provide optimal networking and educational opportunities for all attendees. BLS Media Ltd attended the event as Partner Organisation. The panel address the following topics: EB-5 Regional Center Program Reauthorization and Reform: Reviewing the … Continued

Why register a Cyprus Company?

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An Article by Mr Michalis Economides, CEO and Founder of Chambersfield Economides Kranos and GFA Trust Business nowadays operates in an interconnected world, without any boundaries or limitations to protect brands and companies from the merciless competition. In our era, … Continued

Wealth management and the digital age

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Written by Daisy Reece In 2008, the financial crash led to rapid changes in the commercial world. It was the beginning of an unprecedented global recession; in the wake of the crash, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and several financial institutions … Continued

UHNWI’s & Charity

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With great wealth comes an increased sense of obligation to give something back. Many UHNWIs through either building or inheriting their own wealth, reach a point where they realize that amassing countless possessions and spending lavishly on themselves does not … Continued

Top Residency Destinations

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For the UHNWI seeking to obtain secondary citizenship, investing large amounts or providing a country with increased stimulus for economic growth such as job creation is not the only option available to them. There is also the possibility of obtaining … Continued

Should You Invest In Real Estate?

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When HNWIs are considering all the different investment avenues which are available to them in this modern age, property investments may not be very high on their lists. This may be due to the negative reputation gained in 2008 with … Continued