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Family Offices

Imran Hussain Family Offices There is some confusion within HNWI circles surrounding what exactly a family office and so this introductory article hopes to bring some clarity. Family offices are complete financial and wealth management solutions for HNWIs, which cover everything from providing investment, charitable giving, budgeting, insurance, taxation and multi-generational guidance. Family offices are […]

Culture Shocks Facing Russians Abroad

Imran Hussain In the first of our “Culture Shocks” series we focused on the difficulties individuals from the Arab states may encounter when relocating to a country that embraces Western culture, such as the obvious candidates of the USA and the UK. In this follow up edition we will be looking at this issue from […]


Imran Hussain Megacities are cities with populations of more than 10 million citizens and are a prime target for looking to make investments in real estate. There are currently 28 mega cities in existence, but by 2030 it is predicted that number will rise to over 40. Clearly, urban development is increasing at a rapid […]

Latvia – Act Fast or Miss Out

Imran Hussain Latvia is a small European state located next to the Baltic Sea that’s positively swimming with diverse cultures and a wide range of landscapes. It has a very strong national identity and takes much of its pride from its beautiful capital city, Riga, which boasts many cultural artefacts including museums, churches, wooden and […]