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Portugal country spotlight

Quick facts Capital city: Lisbon Population: 10,379,57 (Est 2016) GDP growth: 2.5% (Est 2017) Area: 92,212km² Government: Unitary constitutional republic President: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Prime Minister: António Costa Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) Dialling code: 351 HDI: 41st Ease of doing business index: 25th   Portugal at a glance Portugal can be found on the […]

How to protect your family’s wealth?

Written by Daisy Reece Can you call to mind the family name of any of the notoriously rich? Maybe you thought of the Kennedy, Vanderbilt or Rockefeller families, or perhaps a different but equally wealthy family. Such names are renowned in our society for their far reaching wealth. It cannot be said that all rich […]

Wealth management and the digital age

Written by Daisy Reece In 2008, the financial crash led to rapid changes in the commercial world. It was the beginning of an unprecedented global recession; in the wake of the crash, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and several financial institutions had to be rescued. Just as the financial markets seem to be recovering worldwide, experts […]