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Malta country spotlight

Quick facts Capital city: Valletta Population: 431,864 (Est 2018) GDP growth: 6.6% (Est 2017) Area: 316km² Government: Unitary parliamentary republic President: Marie Louise Coleiro Preca Prime Minister: Joseph Muscat Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) Dialling code: 356 HDI: 33rd Ease of doing business index: 84th   Malta at a glance The Republic of Malta is a […]

Country Spotlight: Austria

 Austria- An Introduction A huge number of travellers consistently adventure to Austria to encounter the nation’s rich German-affected legacy, to climb or ski the heavenly Alps, to go to a Viennese ball, and to take an interest in celebrations and fairs that feature the country’s one of a kind culture, writing, cooking, craftsmanship, and music. […]

Portugal country spotlight

Quick facts Capital city: Lisbon Population: 10,379,57 (Est 2016) GDP growth: 2.5% (Est 2017) Area: 92,212km² Government: Unitary constitutional republic President: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Prime Minister: António Costa Currency: Euro (€) (EUR) Dialling code: 351 HDI: 41st Ease of doing business index: 25th   Portugal at a glance Portugal can be found on the […]