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Chinese account for 88% of Australian investor visa applications

(Thursday, 10 May 2108) New figures released in March by Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, covering the last 4.5 years of its Significant Investor visa (SIV) programme, show the vast number of those applying and accepted for the scheme were from mainland China. From 24 November 2012 to 28 February 2018, 87% of applicants granted visas […]

Migrate World – Citizenship Redefined

The way our world is unfolding today brings with it several and different nationality restrictions, which impede many people’s plans over the issues of security, decent education, reputable work and simply ease of travel. It also takes away the tax benefits that they can acquire had they been able to acquire a second citizenship. At […]

More countries (including India) soon to face EB-5 visa retrogression

(Wednesday 2 May, 2018) by Mona Shah, Esq. and Rebecca S. Singh, Esq. 23 April 2018, at the IIUSA Annual Conference in Washington DC, Charlie Oppenheim, chief of the Visa Controls Office at the US Department of State delivered the breaking news that more countries would face final action dates, leading to visa retrogression. These countries […]

Invest. Grow. Prosper: The new investment opportunities in St Kitts and Nevis

(Wednesday, 25 April 2018) By CS Global Partners In 1984, St Kitts and Nevis became the first nation-state to authorise citizenship to those willing and able to contribute to its economy. More than three decades later, the twin-island Federation remains at the forefront of the economic citizenship industry, with a Citizenship by Investment Programme that […]