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Country Spotlight: VANUATU

QUICK FACTS Full name: Republic of Vanuata Capital city: Port Vila Population: 286,291 (1 January 2019 estimate) GDP in Current prices: USD $957 million (2018 estimate) GDP real growth: 3.8% (2018) Area: 12,189 km² (of which, land c. 4,700 km²) Government: Unitary parliamentary republic President: Tallis Obed Moses Chancellor: Charlot Salwai Currency: Vanuatu (VUV) HDI: […]

Revamping the CBI website

Being in the heart of spring, we are giving the CBI website a spring clean. Following the success of our recent Global Investment Immigration Summits in India, we have updated the Events section to give news, views and reviews from the previous summit in Ahmedabad and to preview the next two events in Johannesburg, South […]

The E-2 Visa may soon open for Israeli Investors

There have been several years of discussion in regards to the E-2 investor visa opportunity for Israelis who wish to invest in the US. A path for the implementation of the program had even been opened through a treaty signed by Barack Obama in 2012. However, Israel did not have a similar program that would […]

Citizenship by Investment – Why Turkey?

With a plethora of countries offering investment opportunities through their CBI program, many would wonder, why should I invest in this country? Turkey formally introduced the Citizenship by Investment program in January 2017 and it was opened to investors in June 2017 to attract HNWIs to invest in their real estates. The program was seen […]